Brezoski is a Macedonian Architect, who designed and built modernist buildings in the middle of the 20th century. He heralds the first generation of Macedonian modernists in postwar Socialist Yugoslavia. Realised numerous core projects including commercial, public and residential buildings, projects spanning North Macedonia, former Yugoslav republics, Libya and Brazil.

His modernism was based on an interest in human architecture that shapes a positive society and a belief in progress or moving forward. It meant being bold and experimenting with new styles and forms and the use of contemporary materials. His work was based on an analytical approach to the function of buildings and rational use of new materials and structural innovation. The emphasis is on volume, composition, and minimal ornamentation, continuous experimentation with form, shapes, colours, lines.

His building characteristics are clean and minimal lines, use of glass to enhance natural light to the interiors, open and well-defined floor spaces, well combined modern and traditional materials, and sensitive relationship to the environment.

He was influenced by Le Corbusier and other classical modernists, but with a deeply rooted spirit of a traditional Balkan neimar. His work is a prominent influence on the architecture of North Macedonia.